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"…Stupid, cruel, excessive …and stupid"



BREAKING:  "…Stupid, cruel, excessive …and stupid"

This is the subject line for an email newsletter just received from Anthony D. Romero at the ACLU.  It’s a good one.  Eye catching, right?  In this email, Mr. Romero is talking about wrongful incarcerations …and the book and TV show, Orange Is the New Black. 

I willfully share the following:

"…Hi Debra—

Piper Kerman, whose story the TV show is based on, spent 13 months in prison. During that time, she met so many women who were locked up for far too long, their lives thrown away – and wrote about them in her book Orange is the New Black.

The length of her sentence was not normal. Instead, excessively long sentences are common practice—destroying families and creating bloated, overcrowded prisons. The worst part is that we are still wasting billions of our taxpayer dollars that could be better invested in our communities. Simply put, policies that contribute to mass incarceration are not smart.”


So here’s my personal request to you, Dear Reader:

I need you to show support to all persons wrongfully incarcerated SOMEWHERE in our prison system, by SIGNING THE PETITION. presented by the ACLU.

There isn’t a damn thing funny about a human being PAYING THE PRICE for someone else’s drama in the form of imprisonment in an institution.  Even the kind of imprisonment wherein a human being wears an ankle thingy in a residence, isn’t any less forgiving— when it comes to an orchestration of events by others TO EFFECT this outcome.  Wait, no wait—what?  People do this to one another?  Well, I’m afraid so.

Which direction does your moral compass point?  The combined domino effect of this type of tragedy goes well beyond the victim, the one incarcerated.  There’s the immediate family member(s) and the extended family member, the community, the church, the place of employment — of the one wronged—  since each of these segments of his/her society are vital to the development of the person and to the enrichment of the community and in territories beyond—  all of the places he/she would have touched.   

And just imagine if you will; whilst all of this business of wrongful incarceration is occurring, the real assailant freely roams within the community; more than likely preying continuously on others, until the dots become connected.  Are you as outraged about this as am I? 

Life has value.  All life!  Everyone has a story to tell.

Piper Kerman is just ONE person who’s life was turned upside down.  I also am ONE.  I believe the purposeful maltreatment of others as cover up’s to mask the oops made by others, is nothing less than an equally orchestrated rape upon society.  The issues surrounding wrongful convictions and incarceration of the innocent, be they male or female, child – teen – or adult, rise well beyond any policy reform.  We’re there now.  Crisis level. 

We’re in need of a reform of how mankind thinks – acts – governs oneself.  And, as I asked before, which direction does your moral compass point?   Sit with that for a moment.

PLEASE SIGN PETITION - Extreme sentencing laws have pushed the number of people in American jails and prisons to over 2.3 million — with more than half imprisoned for nonviolent crimes. These unnecessarily long sentences have led to bloated, overcrowded prisons and wasted billions of taxpayer dollars that could be better invested in our communities. Will you sign petition? 

~via GAZELLA | Beauty + Grace + Gentleness

jackleton asked: How far do you think our society is from realizing that the demand for a bigger house, a bigger car, more money, more clothes, a firmer stomach, and shinier hair is going to destroy our planet, and do you think it is a realization that will happen quickly or will it be a long process that takes us close to destruction?


Society is not alive. It is a concept based on standing really really far away and looking at a group of people. 

Society will never wake up because it was never asleep. It’s like your reflection in a mirror. It looks alive but isn’t. 

A bigger car isn’t going to destroy our planet. Our lack of developing alternative means of fuel and energy will. More money wont harm the planet, our greed and walled off hearts will. A firmer stomach and shinier hair wont cause the apocalypse, but those who take their identity to be determined by their body live as if already dead. 

Let me be clear: The planet will survive us. The question is whether or not we want to be a part of that future. And if we do, then each of us must do our part in awakening from our own confusions and delusions. 

Awakening is a strange thing. When the Buddha awakened, he claimed that with his awakening, all things awakened. Yet how can that be true, since we ourselves have not come to know the meaning of that awakening?

For the one who is realized of the truth, nothing is lacking anywhere. No consciousness or aliveness or awareness is lacking. On our meditation retreat over this summer, someone asked my guru whether he felt a different kind of energy when visiting the cities of the US as opposed to being in the countryside retreats. The questioner clearly wanted my guru to go into teachings regarding the different vibration of energies. But my guru shrugged with a half-laugh and merely said, “Wherever I go, I see God.”

Contribute your own awakening. Love and encourage others—or at least do not harm and discourage them. Everyone is doing what they think is best, the only thing that makes us seem different is the ignorance in our eyes. 

Give the mirror of society something new to reflect. Don’t forget that society serves us, we do not serve society.

If you want to get an idea of what the future may be like, look at the younger generations. Personally, I like the trends I am seeing. Younger people seem discontent with the consciousness of the generations that preceded them. They seem less convinced by notions of what is “normal” with respect to sexuality, race, genders, and religions. 

All in all, they are good things. But I also see room for integrating the raw power and intellect of modern mind. We need forward thinking and benevolent corporations to extend patronage to forward thinking scientists. We need politicians who have an understanding and appreciation for national harmony over confused agendas. And we need a media that celebrates our community as humanity rather than falling prey to gossip-mongering and spin-doctoring. 

All of that happens with the passion and dedication of inspired and intelligent individuals. And it will never happen if we force entire generations to go into debt just to get an education. 

So who knows? I see that it’s possible. Will it happen? Your guess is as good as mine. 

Contribute your own awakening and it wont matter. 

Namaste :)

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